Your Physician

'Heart of humanness, skill of humanness' in ancient Chinese bird-worm script by Chao Mu-Ho, 100 years old and the only living calligrapher in the Chinese world versed in this antique script.Klemens Felder

BSc (Hons) TCM, BM (Beijing), MATCM Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the practice of medicine is regarded as the realisation of humanness (ren).  A good doctor is described as someone who has, “the heart of humanness, the skill of humanness”.

Klemens Felder is an established physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 10 years of clinical experience and is the founder of Hampstead Clinic of Chinese Medicine.  He is a member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM) and provides patient consultations both in English and German.

He holds University degrees from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Middlesex University, having completed an extensive 5-year full-time medical training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

As part of his clinical training, he interned at the pain clinic of the Whittington Hospital in London as well as at two of the main hospitals of Beijing (Xi Yuan and Wang Jing Hospitals) where Western medicine is used alongside TCM, practising in all departments pertaining to Chinese medicine including Internal Medicine, External Medicine, Dermatology, Paediatrics, Gynaecology and Acupuncture.

The effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine in treating skin disorders has led Klemens Felder to undertake advanced studies in Clinical Dermatology, undertaking a post-graduate Diploma with Mazin Al-Khafaji, a leading expert in the field.  He is also a qualified practitioner of Acupuncture 2000, a specialized form of Acupuncture used for pain management and chronic eye conditions.  In addition to Acupuncture 2000, he utilizes many other micro-acupuncture systems for various conditions and is currently researching the field of EAV (Electro-Acupuncture after Dr Voll), used as a diagnostic tool.

Born in Austria, Klemens Felder became interested in life sciences at an early age, having had a close relationship with nature since childhood and growing up in the Alps, surrounded by forests and lakes, where the flow of life is very much punctuated by seasons.  A keen mountaineer, his interest in natural life led him to undertake a degree in Forestry at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna (Universität für Bodenkulture Wien-BOKU) where he spent 5 years.  His studies in botany, chemistry, climatology, and geology, gave him an initial grounding to understand that “macrocosmos” in which human life is seated, and which the ancient Chinese considered inseparable from human life studies.

Today he has integrated simple food, meditation, appreciation of wild life and walking in Hampstead Heath into his daily routine and encourages his patients to develop a healthy style of life.